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1  Large Silver Urn. Bailey and Company 136 Chestnut St, Philadelphia Weighs 859 Grams       ended
2  A set of 8 S.Kirk and Sons dessert or salad forks. Repousse 269 Grams       ended
3  Set of 5 S. Kirk and Sons Sterling Iced Tea Spoons. Repousse Weights 192 Grams       ended
4  Set of 7 S. Kirk and Sons Repousse Sterling Tea Spoons. Weighs 168 Grams       ended
5  Set of 6 Coin Silver Spoons. Weighs 108 Grams of 90% Silver       ended
6  Set of 7 Silver Spoons and one broken one. 7 are coin and one is sterling. Total weight 174 Grams       ended
7  Set of 6 Sterling Forks. By Gorham Weighs 228 Grams       ended
8  Set of 6 Forks. By Gorham Weighs 225 Grams       ended
9  Set of 4 Forks. By Gorham Weighs 149 Grams.       ended
10  Set of 6 Dinner Forks. By Gorham Weighs 275grams.       ended
11  Set of 6 Luncheon Forks. by Gorham. Weighs 280grams       ended
12  Set of 6 Spoons. By Gorham. Weighs 180grams.       ended
13  Ladle By Gorham Weighs 73grams 7 Inches Long.       ended
14  Set of 6 Spoons. By Gorham. Weighs 172grams.       ended
15  Set of 6 Spoons. by Gorham. Weighs 179grams.       ended
16  Set of 5 Miscellaneous Pieces of Gorham Silver. Weighs 174grams       ended
17  Set of 12 Gorham Sterling Knives. Sterling handles and Stainless Blades. Weighs 794grams.       ended
18  Sterling Gorham Salad Set. 11 inches Long.       ended
19  A Pair of Tiffany Sterling Pattern 1891 Serving Spoons. I cannot find the pattern, it might be "wave". There are a couple of dings on the bowl. Weighs 153grams.       ended
20  S. Kirk and Sons. 2 Serving Spoons. Weighs 86grams.       ended
21  Gorham Serving Set. Almost 9 Inches Long. Weighs 147grams.       ended
22  4 Sterling Serving Pieces. Different Makers All Marked Sterling. The Largest measures 9 inches Long. Weighs 266grams.       ended
23  6 Sterling Serving Pieces. All Marked Sterling. Largest one 9 inches. Weighs 272grams       ended
24  10 Assorted Pieces of Sterling. 237grams.       ended
25  10 Sterling Pieces. Assorted Pieces. Weighs 166grams       ended
26  10 Assorted Sterling Pieces. Weighs 250grams. Not including 3 weighted serving pieces.       ended
27  Cabinet Card of Napoleon. Measures 6 1/2 X 4 1/4 done in Buffalo, NY. Obviously this is not really Napoleon.       ended
28  Pair of Sterling Weighted Candlesticks.       ended
29  Antique Russian Icon with Steel Riza. Theotokos (Mother of God). Ca 1800-1850. Egg Tempra on reenforced wood panel. Very Good untouched condition, gessoed panel, 10 1/4 X 5/8" Prov: Julia Grassimova. Liivalaia 42-49 10113 Tallinn, Estonia.       ended
30  Vintage Pacific Northwest Indian Basket with Lid, Excellent Condition, Faded Lid. Appx: 3x6". Provenance: Lil Browndeer, Columbia, Ca.       ended
31  Antique Native American Basket; Apache or Pima. Very good condition, tightly woven. Two black bands on circumference, Appx: 3x11". Provenance: Janice Andreyka, Apache Junction, Arizona.       ended
32  Vintage Navajo Wedding Basket. Appx 3 1/2x11 1/2" Basket in excellent condition but quite faded.       ended
33  Vintage Southwest Apache Coiled Basket. Brown and natural color star and triangle design. Very good condition. 4 1/2 X 12"       ended
34  Collection of 52 Dimes. 48 are Silver. Please preview these coins because all sells are final. As is. No Returns, No Exceptions.       ended
35  Standing Liberty Quarters. Please come in and preview. All sales are final, sold as is. No Returns, No Exceptions.       ended
36  Collection of Liberty Nickels 1883-1912, missing the 1885. Please come in and preview. All sales are final, sold as is. No Returns, No Exceptions.       ended
37  Collection of 28 Walking Liberty Half Dollars. 1920's. Please come in and preview. All sales are final, sold as is. No Returns, No Exceptions.       ended
38  Complete Collection of Franklin Halves. Please come in and preview. All sales are final, sold as is. No Returns, No Exceptions.       ended
39  Collection of 35 Kennedy Half Dollars from the 60's to the 80's.       ended
40  Collection of 60 Five Centavos 1905 to 1969       ended
41  Bally Dime Slot Machine. It powers up but the handle is stuck. Needs a little work. Probably from the 50's or 60's       ended
42  Made in USA Cast Iron Cornbread Pan.       ended
43  Made in USA Cast Iron Muffin Pan.       ended
44  10" #8 Cast Iron Griddle. Marked: S 8 7       ended
45  Rodgers Brothers Silver Plate Victorian Coffee Pot. 19" Tall       ended
46  1830's-40's Mormon Reverse Painting on Glass with Mirror. The beehive is a symbol of the Mormons. It was used on there money and in books and other things. Has been refinished.       ended
47  H. Gerstner and Sons Dayton, Ohio Toolbox. In good but used condition. The bottom piece did not go with it but we are selling it together. It is missing the lock.       ended
48  Pianorgani. Works Very Well. In good condition. The top is a little tight. It is an unusual piece with little wear.       ended
49  3 Beatles magazines and one Beatles 45. From the Mid 60's       ended
50  Collection of Stuffed Animals. Winnie the Poo made by Swedlin. Piglet, Rabbit, and other animals. All from the 1960's       ended

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